Description: Plastomeric waterproofing membrane  produced of plastomeric polymers and bitumen, reinforced with pad of glass veil and protected on both sides with polyethylene burn-off film
Produced according: MKS EN 13969 and MKS EN 13707
Roll - length/width: 10 м²  (10m x 1m
Masa: 3,0 ± 0,2 kg/m²
Flexibility at low temperature: ≤ - 5 ˚C
Resistance to high temperature: ≥ + 110 ˚C
Tensile strength – longitudinal/transversal:

300/200 ( N/50mm)

Elongation at break - longitudinal/transversal:  2/2 %
Use: Used for water protection in underground parts of buildings and for waterproofing of flat roofs
Application: The membrane is applying by torching with 10 cm overlaps.